Monday, December 15, 2003

Cory and the Small Soda

kidicarus222: you left your stupid grateful dead tickets on the floor behind the couch
Satellite1818: i know
kidicarus222: no you don't
Satellite1818: i remembered them on the plane.
kidicarus222: they were nearly under the couch
Satellite1818: yeah, i put 'em there whilst watching harold and maude
kidicarus222: i know
kidicarus222: i remember
kidicarus222: i didn't think you would, though
kidicarus222: how's the small soda?
Satellite1818: is there anyone there, or is nate the only person in the whole town for you to hang out with? soda?
Satellite1818: right
Satellite1818: it's damn cold
Satellite1818: and very snowy. i went out to do 180s in a parking lot today, and that was all my fun since nobody else is back yet.
kidicarus222: nate and jill and jessica and brie are here
kidicarus222: and some more...
kidicarus222: yeah
kidicarus222: and internship application
kidicarus222: he's here too
kidicarus222: some other people are here too, see?
kidicarus222: some people i don't think i would ever have talked to if everyone else hadn't skipped town
kidicarus222: anyway, it's cold and boring here
kidicarus222: but possibly less cold and less boring than where you are
Satellite1818: indeed
Satellite1818: and two hours later
kidicarus222: i am having a war with jingle kitty
Satellite1818: no casualties yet, i hope
Satellite1818: i mean later
kidicarus222: a tomato
Satellite1818: poor guy
kidicarus222: he had it coming
kidicarus222: but yeah
kidicarus222: sad stuff
Satellite1818: i assume you started it
kidicarus222: he was seeing this nice pickle back home
kidicarus222: in the fridge
Satellite1818: the pickle will probably never even know what happened
kidicarus222: especially since i will eat her
kidicarus222: as food is running out
Satellite1818: end her pain, drew
Satellite1818: i have to sleep
kidicarus222: i'm wearing an article of your clothing right now
Satellite1818: dah!
kidicarus222: it's like a sweater
kidicarus222: black
kidicarus222: with a zipper
kidicarus222: it looked warm
Satellite1818: black?
Satellite1818: gray
kidicarus222: dark gray
Satellite1818: yeah. i stole it from someone else
kidicarus222: like
kidicarus222: pretty fucking near black
Satellite1818: jah
kidicarus222: well, it's mine now
Satellite1818: fair enough
kidicarus222: and i spilled bear all over it
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: beer
Satellite1818: i was wondering where you got the bear
kidicarus222: who did you steal this from?
Satellite1818: hampton
kidicarus222: the tiny toon?
kidicarus222: hampton j. pig?
kidicarus222: the one that dates fifi the skunk?
kidicarus222: confusingly, i might add
Satellite1818: yes. hampton j. pig. but, as a result of heavy methamphetamine use, he's lost a good deal of weight
Satellite1818: you wouldn't even recognize him, really
kidicarus222: you'd be surprised
Satellite1818: except for the snout
kidicarus222: i'm very perceptive
kidicarus222: i was a reporter, after all
Satellite1818: i need sleep, i go bed now
kidicarus222: this is something i have to remind myself when i type internship applications
kidicarus222: i was a reporter
kidicarus222: i am a reporter
kidicarus222: but whatever
kidicarus222: good night, irene
Satellite1818: night maude