Friday, October 10, 2003

Volume One

An afternoon with Quentin Tarantino.

Seriously, I blew the whole Friday afternoon watching "Kill Bill." Twice, whistling twisted nerves and all. I can't remember a cinematic experience that was so satisfying. I left a piece of me in the House of Blue Leaves — like so many hapless Yakuza — and I want my own personal Gogo Yuburi. I suppose I'll never know if blood really gushes out high-pressure like that, but just assuming the movies got it right is good enough for me. Simple and clean splatter, if such a thing could be.
Who's out:
No. Five: Copperhead.
No. Four: Cotton Mouth.

Who's left:
Viper No. Three: Sidewinder.
Viper No. Two: California Mountain Snake

And then there's Bill himself.
February is a ways away. I should make my own to-kill lists and leave them about the house in the meantime. Lucy Liu owns me, but eye patches can be sexy, too. Everything should come in two volumes.