Friday, October 03, 2003

Stay Up Late

Twenty minutes into Writing for Economics, God smiled on me; the Girvetz Hall fire alarm started ringing. Ringing? Maybe not. Beeping, like from the world's biggest cell phone. We all shuffled outside.

Now fire drills have long gone the way of Ducktales and video games employing vegetable-chucking as a mode of self-defense. But nonetheless, I felt like I should be lining up single file. But I gotta hand it to Dr. Behrens. He's two quarters away from retirement and lecturing to a bunch of kids who would rather chew cement than learn about the etiquette of business writing. Beyond this considerable hurdle, he also has us standing outside under a tree in the courtyard. This tree is dripping rotten berries and there's birds and flies everywhere, plus no one's answered the giant cell phone and a fire engine's pulled up and there's flashing lights and firemen and mostly everybody else has given up trying to conduct any kind of edumatory procedure. And here's softspoken Dr. Behrens, lecturing like he's in a primo learning environment, showing us examples of model business plans.

Let's hear it for dedicated educators.