Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Of Luigi and Buttercup

kidicarus222: yeah, he's totally the underdog
kidicarus222: and green is better
baby b1ue eyes: I know. I like those underdogs. I'm really into green lately acutally. just, in general. i've started to fixate on people wearing green shirts.
kidicarus222: maybe you're horny
kidicarus222: green, you know?
baby b1ue eyes: possibly. if I eat green MnMs, but yesterday my pack had almost all red MnMs. something was wrong
kidicarus222: i wonder what red means
kidicarus222: probably
kidicarus222: like
kidicarus222: cancer or something
baby b1ue eyes: THANKS. now i'll be dead soon.
kidicarus222: or maybe like
kidicarus222: love
kidicarus222: or something good
baby b1ue eyes: yeah, cancer is more like it.
baby b1ue eyes: :-)
kidicarus222: cancer, love... really just two words for the same thing
baby b1ue eyes: did you vote for ahnold?
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: i voted for bustamante, even though i felt i should have been voting for camejo
baby b1ue eyes: I didn't vote. I'm bad. especially since I go to berkeley.
kidicarus222: very bad
baby b1ue eyes: yeah, ahnold scares me. I hope he doesn't try to be all republican. I hope his wife beats him with a large stick if he does
kidicarus222: his wife? bones mcshriver?
baby b1ue eyes: yep, skeleton.
baby b1ue eyes: it's weird, but for some reason they kind of look alike, have you ever noticed that?