Monday, October 13, 2003


BLINK1233: whats up drew how are you?
kidicarus222: hey
BLINK1233: hello
kidicarus222: why are you sick, loser?
BLINK1233: because i am friends with a loser like you
kidicarus222: i hope you're sick because you have crotch rot
BLINK1233: nah i took care of that problem before school started
BLINK1233: its the herpes again. they are back an inflamed now
BLINK1233: there is a nice visual for you
kidicarus222: yeah, it totally killed the attraction of the porn i was looking at
BLINK1233: sorry... just focus on your computer and maybe the porn will regain its effectiveness
kidicarus222: right
kidicarus222: stop talking to me, herpina
BLINK1233: sorry king crotch rot!
kidicarus222: i like that
kidicarus222: call me KING CROTCH ROT!
BLINK1233: it almost sounds like a fairy tale character
kidicarus222: or... a superhero
kidicarus222: the adventures of king crotch rot and diptheria boy
kidicarus222: against evil queen herpina
BLINK1233: i think it would make a better disney story...where the evil king crotch rot tries to kidnap the princess
BLINK1233: of course the faithful servant herpina learns of this plot and she saves the day
kidicarus222: princess... princess lydia chlamydia
BLINK1233: yuck! lydia chlamydia sounds like the dirty kid nobody wanted to play with in grade school
kidicarus222: (you)
BLINK1233: or your mom
kidicarus222: your mom = ass cancer annie
BLINK1233: my mom is not ass cancer annie your dad is ass farting frank
kidicarus222: we should stop this before one of us cries
kidicarus222: (you)
BLINK1233: or your mom