Monday, October 20, 2003

Finding Your Inner Grunge

kidicarus222: hey. grunge party this saturday at our house on pasado
kidicarus222: the 90s never ended
hpj16: how does one dress for that?
kidicarus222: flannel, ripped jeans
kidicarus222: beanie
kidicarus222: like you liv in seatlle in the early 90s
hpj16: i lived in a freakin' 3rd world country!!! i dont know how they dressed in seattle
kidicarus222: flannel, thermals, ripped jeans, beanies
kidicarus222: or like courtney love
kidicarus222: dress like courtney love
hpj16: oh ew
hpj16: do i have to show up stoned out of my mind?
kidicarus222: no
hpj16: or over meddicated?
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: they did a lot of heroin
kidicarus222: but we will skip that part
hpj16: ha ha. well i have plenty of ripped jeans. i think i threw out all my flannel years ago. maybe i can wear my flannel pj top
kidicarus222: there's the resourcefulness i've come to appreciate from phillipa jackson!
hpj16: damn straight! course i doubt anyone will be getting any booty dressed like we have to
hpj16: true. what are thermals?
kidicarus222: those long undershirts that people wear beneath their t-shirts
kidicarus222: the long sleeve kind
kidicarus222: they're usually white or gray
kidicarus222: i wear them a lot
hpj16: oh i have one!!!! i sleep in it!!! damn....i am totally grungy when i go to bed and i never knew!!
hpj16: i rock
kidicarus222: totally
kidicarus222: you are the lost member of nirvana
hpj16: i was nirvana before there even WAS nirvana.
hpj16: at the tender age of 10