Monday, October 20, 2003

Come Back, Mr. Messenger Pigeon!

My ineptitude has likely disqualified me from ever working at the Seattle Times.

So I'm emailing these various newspapers and asking them about how the summer intern application process works, and when I write to the lady in charge at the Seattle Times, I say something like "blah blah blah fourth year English student blah blah blah intern this summer at the Washington Post," because apparently Seattle made me think of Washington state and I said the wrong paper.

The consequences of this action:
  1. This lady is gonna think I'm a complete retard.
  2. Humor. It's funny that I would write the Seattle Times and ask for a job at the Washington Post. I might as well have asked them for a pie. "Dear Seattle Times. Make me a pie. I like pie. Do you like pie? P.S., I am not a lunatic."
  3. This follow-up letter:
Ms. Lesch:

I just mailed you asking about internships, but possibly because I was thinking about Washing state, I said I was interested in an internship at the Washington Post. I meant, of course, to say the Seattle Times.

Sorry about that.

Drew Mackie
Here's to summer school — and becoming an office snicker at a place I don't even work at.