Monday, September 01, 2003


Howdy September! I realized that there's no single instance in English in which the phrase "filled with fluid" connotes good circumstances.
kidicarus222: once i get owen's check, i will have spending money up the ass
kidicarus222: i'm fucking loaded!
kidicarus222: barbecue!
kidicarus222: possible furniture!
kidicarus222: ummm
kidicarus222: lots of onions
n8rs81: ?
kidicarus222: as many as we could ever dream of, nate!
n8rs81: we need the barbecue and i think we're fine on furniture
kidicarus222: oh, i will judge that
kidicarus222: i may use my money to destroy our present furniture then buy new furniture
kidicarus222: made of onions!
n8rs81: ya
kidicarus222: onions, nate!
n8rs81: you do that
kidicarus222: did i mention that mario golf is a very nice game?
kidicarus222: it's quite relaxing and pleasant
n8rs81: ya
n8rs81: i love that game
kidicarus222: but the new one
kidicarus222: for the gamecube
n8rs81: ya
n8rs81: i know
kidicarus222: you can play as birdo
kidicarus222: i like birdo
kidicarus222: and i like mario golf
kidicarus222: in fact, my only complaint about mario golf would be the conspicous lack of onions
n8rs81: so you discovered onions in europe or something
kidicarus222: they're just neat