Monday, September 15, 2003

Moira MacTaggart

Like so many drunk and horny college students, the Nexus retreat at Cayucos came and went. I only prayed for death twice, so I'm calling it a successful venture at a seaside cabin where somebody must have either filmed a porno or snuff film. Fun, maybe even, if you call listening to Donovan and then drizzling conditioner on my semi-erect dick to stage lewd photos on poor drunk Jenny's camera. And I do call that fun. And I did.

I managed to avoid most direct conversation with that smoke-smuggered Lorax and go kayaking and share a hypothermerrific night swim with four naked Nexites and even make a few good jokes about goo babies and that crazy bitch Frida. Taryn nailed it on the head with "Cay-useless." I planned to flee Sunday evening but realized I had plans I didn't realize I had, like seeing Hearst Castle's Neptune Pool with Dan and Jessica.

I think I like driving with David Cross and Holly Golightly and may invite them along for future trips. It surely is neither September nor 2003 and I have all the time I need. All of it.