Thursday, September 04, 2003

Michelle Mancini

An evening in Hollister and Picadilly doesn't seem so look-at-me lame. Nightfall here is like absolute zero.

Sadness is pushing a shopping cart through Target because you do all of your shopping there. Christmas is less than four months away! — or so thinks four hundred pounds of corn-fed Hollisterite — I'll call her Lady Snaggletooth — as she grazes over a rack of factory-made music. Herds of hers roam freely, and I'll bet their sharp hooves cut up the muddy ground in early spring. Look, she's rooted out a bargain truffle, a skill she knows like squeak of the shopping cart wheel.

I got gas because I needed gas to keep the Silver Bullet tearing up the roadway. Spend two months on the other side of the planet and forget that gas makes the car go. Who knew? I made it, just barely and happy thing too because running out of gas in my family is like a Corleone showing up to a hit with an unloaded gun. Or something. Love that yellow-to-red Pac Pride sign on low fuel. Alone, on the edge of town, with storm clouds gathering overhead and my fuel light blinking, I empathized with Natasha Gregson Wagner at the beginning of "Urban Legend," spilled a spot of gas on my pant leg, then smelled money all the way home.

Near the Cinderella Motel — has anyone noticed how pink that place is? — I thought about rabbits. Unlike the Jewish clerics with whom their share five letters, I think rabbits totally creep. Hoppy and nibbly and just a little suspicious. Anya totally nailed it. Why do they need their eyes to be so good anyway? Rabbit. Rabid. No coincidence, dear friend. I thought about Mario Kart, too, as I usually do when I drive. Mario Kart, of course, was my first driving instructor. "Come on, red shell! Come on… come on… Shit! Fucking banana peel." I read there's a new one coming out. I'll bet they have Birdo.

The radio: "House of Jealous Lovers" and "Animal Midnight" and "Cold Blooded Old Times."

Whether the race home was in my head or not, the dog sure treated me like I had jockeyed to first place. I sat on the grass and looked at the sky between the clouds like the clouds I want to paint tomorrow. The sky at night isn't black but blue. Blue. I don't know if I ever noticed that, really. It’s the most beautiful dark blue. I sat on the grass and thought about how happy I really am. Happy and decidedly single. Shining Spot moment No. 3.

Indoors. TV. "Mulholland Drive" on AMC but it was already done with Betty and at the Diane part, so I geeked out with "Cowboy Beebop." Typie typie.
Bright eyes
Every now and then I fall apart

Michelle Mancici, R.I.P.