Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Love Is Such a Sweet Thing But I Love to Eat Things

Shocking — shocking! — revelations from Nate at the dawn of a new quarter.

kidicarus222: so what else is new?
n8rs81: dunno, ive been thinking abouy stuff
kidicarus222: like what?
n8rs81: just how stuff ended up last year with the girls
kidicarus222: yeah?
n8rs81: yea
n8rs81: i think i realize why i didnt get along with meghan
kidicarus222: because you're from the jerk planet?
n8rs81: no
n8rs81: cuz i love her
n8rs81: more than any other girl
n8rs81: she's totally the one for me
kidicarus222: dude, you gotta be shitting me
n8rs81: no
n8rs81: its totally true
n8rs81: and she feels the same way
n8rs81: meghan and i have been having an affair since summer began
n8rs81: no one else knows about it
kidicarus222: no shit!
kidicarus222: i thought you were in love with jill
n8rs81: not any more
n8rs81: jiggilian was just a physical thing
n8rs81: it's about meghan now
n8rs81: meghan makes me the happiest man in the world
[ a work of fiction ]