Sunday, May 25, 2003


"Buffy" has ended. Too often, “thank God” follows that statement, but I will miss that show, even though I’ve consistently been missing it since this year o’ pain began. I just wished naysayers would have had a chance to realize what a smartly written show it really was. Most cult shows don’t last two years — even critical darlings like "Twin Peaks" had a short shelf life. Nonetheless, Buffy staked her way through seven seasons and a jump from a struggling fledgling network to an even more struggling one. But yeah. Buffy meant something to me. She went to college before I did, a little did I know that her battle with Kathy, the roommate from Hell — literally, she was from a Hell dimension — would foreshadow oh so many battles with my little enemies. It was a way of approaching the shittiness of teenage life no one had done before. I got limitless satisfaction out of seeing the asswad of a principal get eaten by a three story-tall demon-snake-mayor.

Plus, I totally had a thing for Anya.

At least I got to write a newspaper article about it. It was my little — very little — way to send of something I enjoyed. Plus, I forced upon Buhler the indignity of running a news article with the word “Buffy” headline.
[ link: "Buffy" Fans to Unite for Final Show ]

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