Sunday, May 25, 2003

Consumptive, But Okay With It

My stint as county editor of the Daily Nexus has ended. I am glad. I didn’t embarrass myself in the position. I didn’t shame my predecessors. And I didn’t fuck up the desk so badly that my successors will shout my name angrily and wave their fist at the sky, like I do when Meghan pisses me off. I’m happy it’s over. Maybe in real life I could hold down such a job without losing my sanity, but trying to balance that while still caring about my schoolwork? Nah. Not possible. There’s a certain element of suck that goes with being Cory’s assistant — to start out with, anyway. I mean, I can’t imagine it would take me that long to learn what I need to learn, but it’s only fair that until I can do as much work as Cory, I shout serve as the opinion desk bitch. Also, I’m sure the management’s apparent distaste for how I do everything has played into this arrangement. And also my stress-related freak out a few weeks ago. But whatever.

School is finishing up shortly, and segueing nicely into London, for which I have apparently gotten all the necessary paperwork in. Now all I’ve got to worry about it suffering through Mrs. Dalloway again and finding people to bum around the mainland with once the school part is done.

I ashamedly bought the Cliff’s Notes for Ulysses. It was awful, like buying a Third Eye Blind album at a hipster record store or something. But I guess there’s no shame in acknowledging that although Ulysses is a great piece of literature, I am simply not smart enough yet to comprehend everything that’s going on. Or anything, for that matter.

Nonetheless, I have a new job, a new pair of flip-flops, and a can-do attitude. I have the whole world ahead of me. I just have to tell it to get out of my way.

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