Saturday, March 15, 2003

Sister Jill

My god, tonight has been productive.

So Roommate Jill and I have this little game where I throw something at her. Nothing big, just little wads of foil and coasters and things like that. Anyway, the game is that she asks me to stop and I don't. I think it's fun. So does she, deep down. But the game took a wonderful new turn this evening. In an attempt to avoid being struck by another wadded up ball of foil, she tried hiding in the shower. Boy, was that a mistake.

I turned the shower on and got her pretty wet and then I doused her with shaving cream. The roommates loved it. Meghan even got pictures.

Kind of like the shower scene from "Psycho," only with splattered shaving cream. She said her eyes stung, but you know how Jill is.

And the "Rosemary's Baby" paper? It's still a work in progress.