Hello. There is no cereal-related content on this blog.

The Back of the Cereal Box is my most of me — and since 2003 has been my record of the weird ways pop culture intersects with my life. So, yeah, this is one of those blogs where the writer talks about himself a lot, but I try to do it in a way that makes it relevant to people who don’t know me. Because sometimes the easiest way to explain what happened on a given day is to recall an episode of Full House, you know?

I have an English degree and a resume that consists solely of writing and editing jobs. I am full of words, it turns out.

If you have a writing or editing job you’d like to offer me, please do so without hesitation.

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I am around elsewhere online, including Twitter and Tumblr. Look for me! Make a game of it! Oh, and I'll buy a drink for whoever knows the difference between Switchblade Sisters and the Scissor Sisters.