Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jabberwock vs. Bunyip: A Fight for My Eight-Year-Old Soul

Herein: two videos depicting nightmarish monsters that I first experienced as a child, while watching a movie that I presumed would have been safe. They weren’t.

First, via Topless Robot’s countdown of inappropriately disturbing scenes in children’s movies, there’s the terrifying last scene of a 1985 TV movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which the Jabberwock barges in to Alice’s house for no reason other than to give children like me a reason to fear elaborately decorated sitting rooms.

And via Ectoplasmosis, there’s the creepy yet aesthetically pleasing “Bunyip Moon” musical number from Dot and the Red Kangaroo. I hadn’t thought about this film in years but instantly remembered the whole thing upon hearing the first strains of this song. What is a bunyip? I’m not sure, as the song and associated animated sequence only clearly conveys that it’s intensely unpleasant. Personally, I’d prefer to never find out first-hand.

Thanks for the memories, people who made these movies!


  1. Replies
    1. He is much scarier than his name would imply. But I'm glad some Aboriginal mythology made it into a Final Fantasy game.

  2. Since you've pointed out that creepy scene from Alice, I'd like to share with you another video from the same movie. It is ridiculous, awesome, and slightly creepy at the very end.

    1. Late reply, I know, but that was entertaining enough that it merited its own post.

  3. That's the version of Alice in Wonderland that is cemented in my mind, not the Disney version, and it's because of that scene alone. It's nice to find out I wasn't the only one scarred by it.

  4. I think they used to show that 1985 Alice in two parts, and I've seen the second part a few times. I don't know that I've ever seen the first all the way through, though. I think I did find the Jabberwock scary as a kid, although what I really remember best is Jonathan Winters playing a cranky Humpty Dumpty. Watching it now, I think the Jabberwock is pretty fake-looking, but it's honestly no better in the recent Tim Burton film.