Friday, May 13, 2005

You'll Have Your Good Things and I'll Have Mine


Just when I forget to look forward to things, I find out that David Lynch is working on a new movie. Titled "Inland Empire," the film stars Laura Dern and Justin Theroux, among others, and involves "a woman in trouble." Lynch, who will also be involved in the paper I'm writing for Prof. Waid's class, has been very tight-lipped about the project, so much so that he's been working on it for the past two years without anybody realizing it.

I'm stoked on the idea of seeing another Lynch film in a movie theater. "Mulholland Drive" was amazing. Seriously, it took years to get me to shut up about it. And, at that, it sent me into this Lynch phase that threatened to make me go crazy and eat up all my free time. "Twin Peaks." "Lost Highway." "Blue Velvet." "Wild at Heart." "Fire Walk With Me." "Eraserhead." The fucking weird-ass short films. Goddamn "Rabbits." And finally "The Elephant Man" and "The Straight Story" last year.

"Inland Empire" is so hush-hush that it doesn't even have a page at IMDb. But you can still read about at Dark Horizons.

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