Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Two Lexicons for Eating Chicken

Only a little poorer and a little sunburnt, I'm back from Vegas. It happened exactly like you'd think it would, the whole Viva Nex Vegas: thirty-five drunk college students stumbling around flashing, colorful things. Next time, though, we should bring a shepherd's crook to help with crowd management.

I realize that Vegas excels in providing generic but pleasant experiences. I had fun, but not a single thing happened to our group all weekend that wouldn't have happened to anybody else who did the Vegas thing. Same slots, same blackjack tables, same buffets. In fact, even the hotels are, if it's possible, exquisitely generic. The Paris hotel, for example, is exactly what you'd expect: all the kitschiest, broadest elements of Paris condensed into casino decor. Likewise with the Venetian or New York, New York or any of the rest.

Alas, I need to do all the work I didn't do this weekend, so in addition to being my Viva Nex Vegas update this post must also function as "closed until further notice" sign for the Cereal Box. Thus:


Don't worry. I'm up to nothing interesting this week anyway.

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