Saturday, May 07, 2005

Never Smile at a Centipede

[ one ]
Using the word "hysterical" is sexist. The root for the word is hystera, meaning "womb." The Greeks thought that when women's bodies got the best of them, they became unreasonably emotional. Thus, "hysterical." The same root shows up in "hysterectomy." So when you tell someone they're being hysterical, you're basically saying their ovaries have gone nuts and hi-jacked their brains with womb juice.
[ two ]
Unbeknownst the writers at Disney, "Jiminy Cricket" is a Southern euphemism — a "minced oath" — for "Jesus Christ." The most blasphemous place on earth.
[ three ]
A lot of white female characters drown themselves in southern literature because this class was so limited in the American south. What with prostitutes, nannies and wet nurses, the ladies had no purpose. In my imagination, going to the beach in the nineteenth-century south would mean hopping over the scattered bodies of ladies wearing big flowy dresses. "Oh, look. It's Mrs. Jenkins. Someone should bury her in the sand already."Three things I've learned in Prof. Waid's southern lit class.

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  1. 2) Unless the writers at Disney did know that and used Jiminy Cricket as Pinocchio's sacrilegious salvation.