Monday, May 09, 2005

Big Zero

So staying up late nights in Hollister gives me access to late night Adult Swim shows I otherwise never watch. Take "Big O." I have never watched this show. As far as I know, it's the implausible, ridiculous type of anime show that gives a bad name to stuff like "Cowboy Bebop," which is good. I have, however, seen the opening credits to "Big O" several times.

The opening titles consist of the following:
  • Various colored backgrounds.
  • Spinning concentric orange circles.
  • A black limousine that drives across the screen several times.
  • A theme song that consists of the accented female singers barking the shows title — "Big O! Big O! Big O! Big O!" — followed by bass synth.
  • Robots, I think.
  • And a section where the four main characters are introduced. We see a picture of their face, plus their job. The jobs are as follows: Negotiator, Officer, Android, Butler.
This last bit is probably the part that I love most. I want to meet the guy who sees that and says, "Wow! This show apparently has everything I've ever wanted in a show. An android and a butler! And then two other guys!" All the while with the "Big O! Big O! Big O! Big O!" and then bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum. There may be other characters. Or it may be a four-person set-up, very Seinfeldian. I really have no idea. Just as I have no idea what the "o" in the title might stand for. I don't want to ever see this show. But if you're ever skipping through channels and you see that Cartoon Network is playing "Big O," I highly recommend that you watch the opening minute, just to appreciate its utter absurdity.

But don't watch any more than that. Because your brain would melt.

By the way, a better four-job set-up than Negotiator-Officer-Android-Butler, I think, would be Trombonist-Gourmand-Toddler-Crosswalk Guard. See? Brain melting.

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  1. I had my first headhunt in the curikudos job fair held in 2006. And now i think its time to switch over. Can some one let me know when the job fair starts again.