Sunday, February 20, 2005

Trendburger, Supersized

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the Drew Mackie's Back of the Cereal Box blog. It seems like I should commemorate this anniversary somehow, but I refuse to recap. The nature of the online journal means that all the content is still there, so if you'd really like to examine my last year — or, at least the pieces of the last year that made the blog — please feel free to do so. Besides, if you really cared, you've been reading the Box often enough to know how I got here and where I'm coming from.

Two years, though. That's either a long time or a drop in the bucket, depending on how you look at it.

I plan to continue writing, so I hope you'll still read. Bare with me, and I promise to amuse you while putting everything in perspective — specifically mine and no one else's. As long as things keep happening, I'll keep writing. For example, Sandra Dee and Hunter S. Thompson are both dead as of this evening. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Oh? It doesn't?

I guess I was wrong. But you can't deny that — much like Janet Leigh and Rodney Dangerfield or John Ritter and Johnny Cash — Sandra and Hunter's coinciding demises gave them the first, last and only opportunity to be discussed in the same sentence, no? That's something I like to think about.

It's not much, but I went back and reformatted my entire journal to work with the new template I started using at the end of the summer. That means resizing pictures and adding titles for entries that didn't already have titles. (And yes, the titles have little bearing on the actual content of the entries, so please stop asking about it.) Now, with the mere click of a link, you can zap back to the first entryI ever wrote, the unfortunately named "Trendburger" post. Go ahead. Marvel at its overwhelming blandness.

The pictures I was once so fond of posting no longer jut into their surrounding text boxes in an aesthetically offensive way. Resizing them made them look a bit pixilated and they're now all smaller and therefore not as good, but I guess I have to be cool with that. Looking back on those months reminded me of how much I liked the combination of image and text and how much less boring my journal looked, so I've decided to reinstate that practice.

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