Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No, It's Not Cold in Here — That's You Dying

We motored down to LA to see Sarah Silverman perform at a comedy place last night. I enjoy how trashy Hollywood is, because anybody who doesn't know better always associates Hollywood with southern California glamour. And Vine Street is pretty scummy. And the venue, which was just called "M," was in a strip mall. Yes, we went to a show in a strip mall on Vine.

Despite all these bad omens, however, Sarah Silverman's sweetly spoken racist quips stole my heart.

She's like the one Ku Klux Klan member with a posey pinned to her white sheet. Her Jewishness fades into this beautiful swirl of hateful racism that equally dings all people except whites and Jews. It's quaint and refreshing. When she said that Mexicans are make-believe, I could have married her right there. We sat directly in front and she made eye contact with me twice. I counted. Of course, she didn't really have a choice, since I was the only person in her direct line of vision, but still she could have looked at the roommate and she totally didn't.

Aside from Sarah, we also saw Chris Hardwick — you know, the person from "Singled Out" who wasn't Jenny McCarthy — and then Greg Proops — the gay-seeming guy from "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" — and they both did a really good job. Proops nailed the audience when he said that all hipsters like to laugh at is rape jokes. He then proceeded to tell some good ones and they killed. Louis CK's entire set basically consisted of his desire to rape his father as a means of getting him to stop calling him so much. Sideswept bangs flew into all different angles over these hipsters' faces.

I'd repeat some of the better jokes here, but I can't remember them. I should have not ordered the last martini. I know I laughed, though.

Things learned: Mexicans, apparently, are make-believe. And hipsters like rape jokes.

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