Monday, January 24, 2005

Ozymandias At Least Got a Poem

The big joke of this quarter is that I'm taking History 4A. I guess I should say I'm re-taking History 4A, but that somehow only makes me sound worse.

I'm writing the first paper and in it I'm discussing Akhenaten. He's the pharaoh who decided that worshipping a whole legion of gods and goddesses is bunk and replaced the whole pantheon with the Aten, a big dumb solar disk completely lacking the personality one might find in, say, Sekhmet, the cat-headed goddess of war and disease. So Akhenaten makes everyone worship the Aten and then moves his entire royal court — including his more-famous wife, Nefertiti — from Thebes to Amarna. And everyone goes along with it, since he's the pharaoh and the pharaoh makes the rules.

Only Akhenaten eventually dies, since even pharaohs are human, and the rest of Egypt basically says "to hell with this," leaves Amarna and heads back to Thebes. All the old animal-face gods are reinstated and Akhenaten's successor has to change his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen.

Funny. No matter how hard you work for something, who ever moves in behind you can simply erase it all and make it like you never even happened.

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