Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meet My Friend, Mrs. Huxtable

kidicarus222: wait, are you margaret?
xAtomic Mojimex: yeah.
xAtomic Mojimex: i went by peggy for a spell when i was younger
kidicarus222: wow
kidicarus222: i never got that
kidicarus222: margeret being peggy
xAtomic Mojimex: neither did i, but one time i read all the nick nammes that went with margaret and decided that i was going to be peggy, after peggy bundy, because it was after seeing married with children one time when my parents left me with a crap babysitter
kidicarus222: you could have been margie
kidicarus222: or margot
kidicarus222: oh! or margaux
kidicarus222: or just "ret," because no one ever shortens it to that
kidicarus222: i like peggy bundy
xAtomic Mojimex: Ret, thats nice. it makes me feel like i should be in gone with the wind. and have a sweet mustache.
kidicarus222: you could have taken "bundy"
xAtomic Mojimex: yeah. she always had the most rockin stretch pants.
kidicarus222: how about "gret"?
xAtomic Mojimex: like grettle? hansle and grettle.
kidicarus222: you don't meet so many margarets these days
kidicarus222: why did you chose to go with maggie?
xAtomic Mojimex: well, thats what id been called since birth. and i like it. like maggie from growing pains.
xAtomic Mojimex: actually, i had one gramma who wanted something irish and one who wanted something "spunky" and so it was: margaret called maggie.
kidicarus222: do you base all your names on sitcom moms?
xAtomic Mojimex: subliminally, i guess so.

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