Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Marblehead Johnson

Tonight I'm wound tighter than a watch spring.

The good: school.
The bad: work.
The ugly: the house.

Spending the next three months with William Faulkner and his earthbound emissary, Prof. Waid, should be make this quarter a mental titty twister. Prof. Tourney's class has me reading about the four C's — clarity, consistency, coherency, and correctness — which each facilitate the Big C, communication. Coherency? I think Rufus is on his last fins. Jamie, Cory, and Nate have each reported his death, yet he lives, if only in a awkwardly vertical fashion that I would expect precedes floating belly-up by a quarter turn. He's like a watch slowly winding down, this desktop observer of my life over the past two years. Meanwhile, I may have taken Kami on the most traditional date ever to see "Big Fish." Review pending.

Summary much?