Saturday, January 24, 2004

A Letter to Elizabeth Upon My Having Missed Her Wedding

dear liz.

now that i assume you're all settled in your new life as mrs. new last name, i thought i'd send you an email.

i hope the wedding was everything you hoped it would be. or at least i hope everyone escaped unharmed. once again, i'm really sorry for missing it. honestly, while i already have forgotten what i did that weekend instead of going to your wedding, i know i would have remembered the event for a long time has i gone. damn school. i hope idaho or iowa or whatever other i state you're living in know is not the inhospitable wasteland i imagine it to be.

when you can take a break from married life to let me know how the whole thing went down, i'd love to hear it.

your friend (even in absence)

p.s. so now that you're a missus, does this mean you'll have to change the name you use in your email address?