Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Nate, Stan and Drewfish

n8rs81: i saw stan lee
n8rs81: his voice is so freakin’ cool
kidicarus222: sweet
kidicarus222: so did i
n8rs81: did he talk to you
n8rs81: he talked to me
kidicarus222: what'd he say?
n8rs81: just something about thanks for being a fan
n8rs81: cause i told him i liked his stuff
kidicarus222: "i didn't think they let fags in here"?
n8rs81: no
n8rs81: they do
n8rs81: i wrote you about sailor moon and spider-man
kidicarus222: and he said, "thanks, queerbait"
n8rs81: no
n8rs81: stan lee can't do that
n8rs81: he's a small guy
kidicarus222: he can't what? mock you publicly?
kidicarus222: i think he could
kidicarus222: i would let him
kidicarus222: when you saw him did he say "excelsior"?
n8rs81: nope

More Nate: an email I received from him regarding the eternal departure of my beloved Drewfish, who shall no longer dart to the surface of his bowl, plunge back to the blue marbles on the bottom, then return to the surface for no reason:
To Drew House Pope (or the guardian of Drewfish the fish):

It is at this time I regret to inform you that your fish has gone to join his creator. Now, I know that these are hard times and everyone in this country seems to be losing fish, but let me assure you that your loss is not, in any way, less important the loss of the most rare tropical fish. Your fish served his country well, and even when faced with death he never left his post in his house. He was recently given beautiful service where the friends of Drewfish attended. He was truly loved by all that came into contact with him and will be remembered well by everyone. Our deepest sympathies to you and yours at this time.

Nathan, House Elder

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