Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Digits, London-Style

Compute this:
  • Days I’ve been in London: 14
  • Days before I leave for the continent: 17
  • Days until I fly home: 49
  • Pairs of boxers I brought: 8
  • Bare minimum times remaining I must do laundry: 6 (if my math checks out)
  • Other students in my program: 20
  • Other students from UCSB: 0
  • Other non-UC Davis students: 7
  • Davis students who brought their pet cow as a carry-on: 0
  • Female students: 17
  • People I share a room with: 2
  • People I knew I didn’t like right off: 1
  • People who are treading on thin ice: 3
  • People in sororities: 4
  • People who were cheerleaders in high school: 4
  • People who are in sororities and were cheerleaders in high school: 2
  • People who look like Jonna: 1
  • People who have told me I look like or remind them of somebody else: 5
  • People who asked me if I surf: 3
  • Times I was mistaken for a local until I opened my mouth: 2
  • Times I’ve traveled beyond Zone One: 1
  • Museums I’ve seen: 7 (Museum of London, the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain, the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria and Albert, the London Museum of Natural History, and the Tower of London)
  • Museums I will yet see: at least 2 (National War Museum, Museum of Design)
  • Movies watched on British TV: One (Girls in Prison, starring Anne Heche and some chick from Mulholland Drive... Quite sapphic.)
  • Fish and chips eaten: 5
  • Guinesses downed: 7
  • Rolls of film completed: 5 (three 36-exposure, 2 twenty-four)