Saturday, July 19, 2003

But Do They Have Blanche Deveraux?

I've found a new existence, an alternative to aimless websurfing while waiting for my laundry. Guess the Dictator or Sitcom Character has Janie Powell!

UCSBblingbling: damn, they got it right that i was Pinochet
kidicarus222: they have every sitcom character
kidicarus222: like
kidicarus222: EVERY
kidicarus222: it's weird
UCSBblingbling: i am going to try to be very obscure
UCSBblingbling: well not so obscure
UCSBblingbling: but lets see Blanche from Golden Girls
kidicarus222: they have iola from mama's family
UCSBblingbling: omg
UCSBblingbling: they got it
UCSBblingbling: that is disgusting
UCSBblingbling: ah HA
UCSBblingbling: i will get them
kidicarus222: they had janie
kidicarus222: lisa's little friend from the simpsons
kidicarus222: who doesn't talk or do anything
kidicarus222: what are you gonna get them with?
UCSBblingbling: oh
UCSBblingbling: my
UCSBblingbling: fucking god
kidicarus222: what!?
UCSBblingbling: they got Joseph Desmond Mobutu
kidicarus222: well no shit