Friday, June 06, 2003

An American Cat

kidicarus222: do we have class today?
kidicarus222: like, irish lit class?
hpj16: no i dont think so
kidicarus222: whew
kidicarus222: good
kidicarus222: that's what i thought
hpj16: at least i hope not. cause i am in pj's
kidicarus222: i am in a towel
hpj16: thanks for that visual
kidicarus222: okay, pajama girl
hpj16: well it is not as risque as a towel!
kidicarus222: well, i don't know what your pajamas look like
hpj16: LOL well i can give you a description if you want ;-)
kidicarus222: no, you don't need to tell me
kidicarus222: leopard print nighties
kidicarus222: you know, to arouse marula
kidicarus222: meow
kidicarus222: or should i say "mngknao"
hpj16: he is an american cat. he needs something like a stars and stripes flag to arouse him
hpj16: mngknao!

1 comment:

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